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We're Back...

Business Hours as of July 3rd 2021 

Tuesday thru Saturday 7am-2pm 

4131 Brownsville Road Pittsburgh, PA  15227

We were once just a "mom and pop" diner living the American Dream and now we are fighting for ALL of our God Given Freedoms and Liberties. A judge in Allegheny County granted an injunction for us to cease & desist operations until we follow all mandates. Or as we like to call them "EDICTS". We refuse to participate in the propaganda to earn a buck.

Please consider donating at our online ordering and/or our legal fund.

Thank you!

textWhat's next Peeps?

Could they, Would they? You betcha they would!  Colleges and Employers have already started requiring the Hokey Pokey. Cold and Flu Season with a Side of Covid will be here in a few weeks. I suspect they'll bully and intimidate the businesses yet again.

Our Lives, Our Children and Future Generation are counting on US!  

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a group of people holding a sign

We the People

The people are depending on business owners to save the American Dream to give back to them their God given Freedoms and Liberties. The government is counting on private businesses to do what they cannot. Refuse service to those not wearing a mask. Stand by your convictions and refuse to give your business to those that participate in the propaganda for the demise of Humanity. 


God Bless US ALL and God Bless America

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