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4131 Brownsville Rd,
Pittsburgh, PA 15227


textComplimentary Side of Freedom,Served with Every Meal 

4131 Brownsville Road 

Pittsburgh, PA  15227

We were once just a "mom and pop" diner living the American Dream and now we are fighting for ALL of our God Given Freedoms and Liberties.  "We the People" of the Crack'd Egg...Walk, Talk and Work as FREE people. We will NEVER violate any ones rights in order to earn a buck. 

Thank You!

God Bless US ALL and God Bless America

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We will closed Thursday, July 11th for our highly anticipated appeal in the Commonwealth Court.

This is it the Last Stand

People of Allegheny County,

Your taxpayer dollars are being used attempting to destroy a "Mom & Pop" diner. Did you know that nearly 4 years later the Crack'd Egg is still being attacked by the government agency predators? Specifically the Allegheny County Health Department. They sent us an extortion letter, they prefer to call it a penalty letter. They now want $12,800 or they will shut us down. Judge McVay will hear the case on July 11th at 9am.(click link below to see for yourself in his own words how he ruled in 2021) Why is this happening?  2020 and 2021 we refused to violate the People of PA rights to walk on in and dine unmasked. The Health Department placed a closure order on our door stating we are an imminent danger. We removed the signage and continued to operate. Do you remember the complimentary side of freedom served with Every Meal? Do you think we did it just for fun and money? If you do, you'd be wrong.  We at the Egg had and have the opportunity to fight back tyranny. We consider it our duty. If you love freedom and are a supporter and defender of the constitution Stand with us July 11th City County Building Room 709 9am.

On Friday April 22nd we received by email an extortion letter (or as they like to call it a "penalty letter") from the ACHD.  The letter was dated March 30th. We never received it by mail. Our attorneys have filed an appeal our status conference was heard and we will have a discovery hearing on January 11, 2023

Our appeal was heard by the ACHD employee John McGowan, Hearing Officer. John McGowan found us guilty of all dates except for October 1st. He deducted 400.00 and the new EXTORTION amount is $12,800.00. Our Attorney James Cooney has appealed in the Commonwealth Courts and a conference hearing has been scheduled for December 11, 2023


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